Merry Christmas


27 May 2004, Alberta, Canada — Glowing Christmas Tree in Snow — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


As Christmas Day falls on a Monday, this year I get to say Merry Christmas on the actual day.

May you and yours have a wonderful day, eat far too much, regret it as usual, and relax with your loved ones and wonder where the year went.

And because my blog wouldn’t be my blog without a pause to reflect upon history, consider this:

Houses in London on this day in 1508 finally received piped water…again.

Yes, London had piped water once before.  Over a thousand years before, to be exact.  The Romans introduced plumbing to Britain in the sixth century!

London would not enjoy running water again for a thousand years.


I’ve often maintained that the Romans were incredibly high tech for their times….


If you like reading about Roman Britain, check out Diana By The Moon, set in the sixth century and featuring Romans and Arthur, too!

More details here.

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