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KISS ACROSS DESERTS (Kiss Across Time: Book 4)
A Vampire Menage Time Travel Romance



“So sensual it’s amazing my eyes didn’t burn up reading it!” — dinab


It had been the perfect day, until Alex had called.  When she recognized his cultured voice, Sydney sighed and swiveled her chair away from her computer to face the window.  It was an oddly dismal day out there.  March was always blustery and windy, but the clouds overhead were taking the light out of the day.  “Dr. Karim, you’re late.”

“I’m back to Dr. Karim, am I?” Alex asked.  “You must not be having a very good day, Lieutenant.”  Despite the fact that he had been phoning her regularly for nearly a year, he still refused to call her anything other than Lieutenant even though he had insisted she call him Alex, or Alexander.  Sydney didn’t know if his formal ways annoyed her or not.  Mostly, she found it quaint in an odd, foreign sort of way.   That fit in perfectly with everything else she had learned about him, which wasn’t much at all.

“It has been a perfectly wonderful day,” Sydney said truthfully.  She hesitated.  “I just don’t think you should call anymore.”

“It took you a year to come to that conclusion?” Alex asked, and she could hear the amusement in his voice.  Unlike some of her colleagues, Alex never treated her like an idiot.  That was why he was teasing her now in his cool, gentle way.

“Even after a year, I still don’t know what to make of you.”  Which was true, too.  It was almost impossible to put him into any sort of category.  “But I got the papers today.  Brody’s trial date has been set.”

“I heard.  Early August.   Brody’s right to a speedy trial does seem to have been overlooked.”

“It’s the clogged court system, Alex.  There are too few courts, too many trials and not enough people to process it all.  Brody isn’t the only one that is waiting.  He should be thankful he could afford the bail, otherwise he’d been sitting in a cell waiting.”  She took a breath, deliberately halting the flow of words pushing at her lips.  “I’ve said this before,” she pointed out.  “And this is exactly why you should stop calling me.  We’re going to be on opposite sides of the courtroom when the judge bangs his gavel.”

“Do you feel your professionalism is in danger, Lieutenant?”  Damn if he didn’t sound amused again.

“Of course not,” she shot back, “but—”

“I haven’t been called as a witness,” he continued.  “I’m on the sidelines, merely a curious spectator.  I do not believe I represent a conflict of interest in any way at all.  So I will continue to call you, as it is one of the small pleasures in my life.”

“Are you never going to get sick of me saying no, every time you ask?”

“I live in hope, Lieutenant.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“You have explained that before.  You do not date.  It interferes with your career.  Nevertheless, I like talking to you, even by phone.  And one day you might say yes and surprise us both.”

“I seriously doubt that.”

“Is there, perhaps, more reasons than those you’ve told me that explain why you continue to say no?”

Sydney carefully inhaled, controlling her reaction.  Alex wasn’t an idiot either.  That had been a very astute guess.  “None that you need to know,” she said, making her voice sound light.  Unconcerned.

“Ah…one day you will learn that you can trust me,” he said softly.  “But for now, may I ask you to dinner, Lieutenant?”

“Thank you, Dr. Karim, but I must decline.”

“That is your privilege, lieutenant.  So tell me why your day has been so wonderful.”

He moved on from her rejection so smoothly that she was barely aware that he was doing it.  She found herself telling him about her day.  The small successes that came in incremental slowness because she was a woman in a man’s world.  She barely had to explain any of it, because Alex already knew who all the key people were in the department, and the issues she had dealing with them.  After a year of pleasant conversations, he had learned more about her life and her career than she had realized.

He laughed in the right places, complimented her on her little achievements and when she hung up the phone twenty minutes later, she actually felt happier than before the call, even though she had been dreading the next time he phoned her ever since she had been advised of the court date.

She turned back to face her computer, examining her feelings carefully.  Was she…did she really feel relief because he would continue to call?  How strange….


“If your a paranormal reader who enjoys erotic passions and love all wrapped up in a wonderfully written story you HAVE to get this book!” — dinab

WARNING:  This book contains two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language.  It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, menage scenes, and anal sex.  Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

“…this series has enthralled me with all of its complexities, the wonderful characters and possibilities!” — Evampire

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