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INTERSPACE ORIGINS (Interspace Origins)
A Science Fiction Romance Series





“…the characters and story are so captivating that I can not stop reading!” — Starr Leeman

The complete Interspace Origins science fiction romance series in one boxed set.

Follow the adventures of Catherine Shahrazad, possibly the oldest human in the known galaxy, and her gifted pilot, Bedivere X, as they return to Federation Space from the vast and unknown fringes. Cat’s history and her presence have caused riots in the past. What will happen this time? Why is Cat back?

Let yourself binge on this award-winning series.

Book 1:  Faring Soul
Book 2:  Varkan Rise
Book 3:  Cat and Company

Praise for the Interspace Origins series:

I know Tracy is a great writer but I was not much into science fiction. Well, now I am!!

I loved Catherine Shahrazad, who is a strong, in charge female.

I’m amazed by the creativity of not only the characters but the detail of sights, sound and interaction.

If you have read any of Tracy’s other books you know what awaits you….sheer reading pleasure.

This is truly science fiction at its best...

“…a great read! Tracy had me on the edge until the very end. I kept guessing the ending but she once again surprised me!” — Bernadette




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