Pulse Pause Moments – Outlander Redux

I think everyone considers, at least once in their life, and usually when they're young, the idea of pursuing fame and fortune as a movie star.  I know I did. Lately, though, I have begun to think screen actors have the worst job in the world.  Just to begin, most of them have to shuck

Pulse Pause Moments – lots of ’em, including Lucifer in a suit.

It's a sign of the times: I have learned over the last few years to be wary of any book published by the last remaining five traditional New York publishers because the price is usually outrageous, and the story a re-hash of recent best sellers, with anything resembling originality edited out of it. For the

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Short, Very Much NOT Sweet Thrillers

I'm always amused by readers who think I only write erotic paranormal romances. I received a number of emails from readers in response to last week's post, expressing surprise to learn I write (and have always written) romantic suspense as well. As this month is a romantic suspense kind of a month, I thought I'd

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The Most UNLIKELY Setting For A Thriller

'tis the season for all things taut and thrilling. Lately, I've been writing a lot of romantic suspense.  Actually, I should say, I'm getting back to writing a lot of suspense thrillers.  For readers who have only just stumbled over my stories in the recent past, it seems like a new genre for me, but it's

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Romance So Hot It’s Cool

Kimberly Dean is my guest author today, and the last guest for the year. Kimberly writes erotic romantic suspense, and there's a special deal at the end of her interview.  Let's get to know Kimberly. ___________ Who are your favourite authors? Linda Howard, Nalini Singh, J.R. Ward, JK Rowling, Sandra Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Karen Robards

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Medicoes and Murder

Beverley Bateman writes romantic suspense and medical thrillers -- and that's a genre I haven't seen much of in a long time!  If you like your white-coated doctor heroes, do check some of Beverley's back-list out. In the meantime, let's get to know Beverley a bit better: ____________ Who are your favourite authors? J D

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The Big Freaking Dude

When I first wrote Terror Stash, it didn’t have a romance in it at all. I wasn’t entirely sure I was even going to publish it under my own name. It was a straight thriller, not set in North America, but did feature an American heroine. It was set in the obscure and little-known area

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