Pulse Pause Moments – Outlander Redux

I think everyone considers, at least once in their life, and usually when they're young, the idea of pursuing fame and fortune as a movie star.  I know I did. Lately, though, I have begun to think screen actors have the worst job in the world.  Just to begin, most of them have to shuck

Beautiful In Its Own Rugged Way

I grew up in wheatbelt territory in Western Australia.  It was flat countryside that, to me, was very boring.  Gum trees and spinifex, and tea trees everywhere.  The type of trees that grow in Western Australia are unique.  Show me a photo of a piece of countryside and I know it's Australia, because of the

Uh-Oh…Now I’ve Done It.

I couldn't help myself.  I did it again. What, do you ask? I set a book in Canada.  In the Rockies.  Again. Can't help myself.  I have to break out every now and again and put in a bloody great rock or two as a backdrop. :) For those of you familiar with the Destiny's

Changing Legendary Monsters into Heroes

Today I have as my guest, Kate Hill.  Kate writes paranormal romances and publishes the spicier tales under the Saloni Quinby pen name.  She has just release a new story -- details below. Please welcome Kate. Changing Legendary Monsters into Heroes by Kate Hill If you look back even fifty years, it's difficult to find

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The Bastard Language

A few days ago in the newsletter, I gave readers a quick breakdown, a 101 (actually, more like a 0.0001) lesson on how to pronounce Welsh words and names. Then I found out that I have some readers actually living in Wales!  So cool!  All of them were very kind and didn’t point out any

UNBEARABLE – Now Officially Out There!

Following up on my speed-kills post the other day ("Unbearable"), when I explained how I shot myself in the foot, and didn't have a book page to point to, even though I had finished the book.... Well, now I have the book page and the cover.  As predicted, Dar Albert has done a wonderful job

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UNBEARABLE - Excuse my nakedness -- cover coming soon! Unbearable.  The word has a certain heart-sinking sound to it, doesn't it? Why do I mention it?  After all, I write romances, which always have a positive, upbeat ending.  So let me explain. I think everyone here is pretty familiar with the fact that

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All Of Time And The Whole World, Too

When you're writing time travel novels, deciding where and when in history your main characters are going to travel back to can be an overwhelming decision.    After all, the author can pick any time in history -- that's about twelve thousands years of human history, right there.  And I'm not even considering jumping forward into