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I Hate Cliffhangers!

This article is over 3,000 words long.  I first considered chopping it up into a series, but given the subject matter, I reconsidered.  Instead, I am offering it as a booklet that can be downloaded and read on your ereader.  Click here to download.  (You will be asked to subscribe to my blog.) Tracy. PS: 

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Happy Admin Support Day!

  Just because I was one for so many years, I'm acknowledging every "secretary", "assistant" and "dogsbody" out there (self-description or otherwise!).  I've been where you are. I hope your boss gives you flowers, or better yet, a day off. Have a great day! Cheers, . Get the news that no one else

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Today is Anzac Day

North Beach, Gallipoli Peninsular; Turkey. The point at which Australian Troops first landed at Gallipoli and traditionally the focus for Australian Dawn services. It must be because I grew up hearing the stories about what Australian and New Zealand troops achieved (and died achieving) during the First and Second World Wars, that Anzac

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  Can you name the most expensive bauble in the world? If you said a Fabergé Easter Egg, you're only half-way there.  Which particular egg is the most expensive, ever? Did you know, nearly every egg ornament made by Peter Carl Fabergé has a name, and has a recorded history?  Experts believe there may be as many as

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It’s Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

I kid you not.  Being grabbed by little green men is of sufficient noteworthiness to have a day in honour of it. [link] It's the day to watch some great alien abduction movies, like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Signs (so freaky!), and for the more serious take on the theme, my favourite:  The Abyss.

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