Pulse Pause Moments – Outlander Redux

I think everyone considers, at least once in their life, and usually when they're young, the idea of pursuing fame and fortune as a movie star.  I know I did. Lately, though, I have begun to think screen actors have the worst job in the world.  Just to begin, most of them have to shuck

Plaid, Breeches…what’s next?

Historical romance gets short shrift from the traditional publishing industry. Fifteen years ago, it was selling like hotcakes, until they declared that the historical romance market was dead and promptly stopped buying historical romance from authors…which killed the market for them. (Funny how that works). One of the earlier editions of DIANA BY THE

GONE WITH THE WIND Premiers…76 years ago

The movie Gone With The Wind premiered today, in 1939. How long since you watched it and sighed over the dresses and Scarlett's pertness? Actually, I love the movie for the dresses and I love reading the book for the sheer detail and fascination of watching Rhett Butler dash himself to pieces over Scarlett's self-centered

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The Arthurian Romance With A Funny Title

Within a couple of weeks of arriving in Canada, once the almost permanent headache that came from concentrating so hard on the funny accents had gone away, I came to a startling conclusion. Now that I was in North America, I was free to read and write the wildly different types of romances that you

The Good Story, the Bad Story and My Story

There were two major influences that drove me as I wrote Heart of Vengeance, one of them positive, the other horribly negative…but I’ll get to that one in a minute. The positive one was an old 1952 movie that I must have watched three or four times growing up. There was only one TV station

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A Princess + A Bastard, a match made in Heaven?

Perilous Princess came out on Friday, and has received some rave reviews already. The fact that I’m still mulling over this story tells me that the plot was more complex than I originally imagined. I read the book in very short order, and found it hard to put down. No matter what genre – Tracy

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Romantic Historicals

Today, I have two guest authors for you to meet. A result of demand + my oops! Please give both ladies your attention – there’s some good stuff to discover here. Courtney J. Hall writes what she calls “novels with romantic elements”. I personally interpret that to mean “damned good story, and a romance, too!”

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AMOR MEUS is now out

For all you Sebastian & Nial lovers, here is a keeper copy of every Blood Drops story that makes up their full history, from the 18th century through to the years just before the events in Blood Knot. The individual stories are available in ebook only, and this special collection is available in print only.

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Another Very Pretty Cover!

If you’re a collector of keeper copies, then you’ll appreciate this one: Amor Meus is the print anthology that contains the three Blood Drops stories so far released. Southampton Swindle Broken Promise Vale The collection will only be available in print, just as the individual stories are only available in ebook. But…look at the pretty

Look At The Pretty Cover! – Nial and Sebastian are Back!

It's such a cool cover -- "cool" fits in perfectly with the 1960s setting, which is where the use of "cool" comes from, too.  (Can't help myself when it comes to historical trivia!).  I just love this cover.  Of the three in the Blood Drops series, this is my favourite.  Both Nial and Sebastian look

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