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Pulse Pause Moments – Outlander Redux

I think everyone considers, at least once in their life, and usually when they're young, the idea of pursuing fame and fortune as a movie star.  I know I did. Lately, though, I have begun to think screen actors have the worst job in the world.  Just to begin, most of them have to shuck

…and Happy New Year!!!

May your 2018 be brilliant and most of all, happy. Unlike previous years, this year I sat back at my work desk on December 28th and haven't stopped. Today being the first of the month and the first day of the year, I have been entrenched in my office all day and have only now

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Merry Christmas

  27 May 2004, Alberta, Canada --- Glowing Christmas Tree in Snow --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis   As Christmas Day falls on a Monday, this year I get to say Merry Christmas on the actual day. May you and yours have a wonderful day, eat far too much, regret it as usual,

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What Makes a Book a Book?

During 2017, a discussion via my newsletter and email from various readers alerted me to the confusion over book lengths and what makes a book a book, or a novel a novel. Novels and books are not interchangeable terms, anymore, although they used to be. A “novel” is a preset wordcount range that defines a

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Auspicious Timing?

The second season episodes of the most expensive TV series ever produced, The Crown, which cost a mere $130M, just dropped on Netflix a few days ago. It's interesting timing, because today is the 81st anniversary of the day that Britain's King Edward VIII renounced the throne, so he could marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee.

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The Meaning of Traditions—to you.

When most people think of "traditions", they're thinking of society-wide customs and habits that become ingrained over years and generations. The holiday season is a good example, for it is stuffed full of traditions. But traditions can be more personal and often, far more significant. For instance, a personal tradition of mine is to step

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Gifts for readers and from readers (you!)

  I’m having so much fun at the moment.  This year, I made it an ambition to make as many Christmas gifts as possible, including the wrapping, cards, packaging and ornaments to go with them. That has led me into some interesting by-waters, as my Street Team already knows, for I’ve shared some of my

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It’s Snowing!!!

  It's snowing!  I can see it through my window. Got your winter reading sorted out?  Now you have an excuse to sit by the fire.... Have a great weekend!

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Plaid, Breeches…what’s next?

Historical romance gets short shrift from the traditional publishing industry. Fifteen years ago, it was selling like hotcakes, until they declared that the historical romance market was dead and promptly stopped buying historical romance from authors…which killed the market for them. (Funny how that works). One of the earlier editions of DIANA BY THE

Pulse Pause Moments – lots of ’em, including Lucifer in a suit.

It's a sign of the times: I have learned over the last few years to be wary of any book published by the last remaining five traditional New York publishers because the price is usually outrageous, and the story a re-hash of recent best sellers, with anything resembling originality edited out of it. For the

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