Heading Off For A Bit.

  I've been keeping a blog for over a decade, on an off.  The older posts were lost to site moves, although many of them were saved as articles, which you can find on the Articles pages.  I've blogged about heart-stopping heroes, annual events and anything historical that tickled my fancy. I've also had hiatuses,

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On the Road.

  I'm at Barb G. Tarn's home today, answering a few questions in relation to the SciFi July Fever Fun bundle that comes out on July 4. Find out how long it took me to earn my "degree". More about the SciFi July Fever Fun bundle.

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  It's the summer solstice today.  We're half-way through the solar calendar already, and nearly halfway through the Gregorian calendar, too. My, how the days whizz by when you're writing your knuckles off!  :) This morning, the pagans would have circled around Stonehenge (above) to welcome the solstice and the turning of the year.  They've

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Father’s Day 2017…Except for Aussie Dads.

  The third Sunday in June is Father's/Fathers'/Fathers Day for a whole swhack of countries, including the UK, USA and Canada.  Look at them: The holdout among the western nations is Australia.  Australia's Father's Day is in September and often coincides with the footie grand final.  :) There are a handful of other countries that

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Beer, Anyone?

If you've been reading my books for very long, you'll know I tend to geek out over historical details and love odd and quirky stories and coincidences in history.   My guest post author today, Catherine Hemmerling, also writes historicals rich with actual historical details (what a concept, huh?), and spices up her romance storylines

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Purely By Accident

In the seventeenth century, the Dutch were among the most adventurous sea explorers in the western world.  The new worlds they discovered quickly became favoured trading destinations.  One in particular was Jakarta, on the island of Java in Indonesia. The Dutch traders were wily.  They quickly discovered that one of the fastest ways to get

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Is Your Favourite Series Coming Up?

  Since switching to 100% indie publishing, I have done two things consistently (apart from writing a lot of books!): I have planned a schedule of book releases for two years out. I haven't shared that plan with readers. There are a lot of reasons why I don't share, even though I get peppered with