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Blog.  Newsletter.  What’s the difference?

Blog Newsletter
Frequency Once a week, generally, usually Mondays Thursdays only.
Exclusive Content
  • Useful post series, such as the Geek Girl’s Guides.
  • Quick, short and fast updates on breaking news.
  • Guest authors.
  • Articles and resources for readers.
  • New release information (which does not appear on the blog)
  • Promotions, discounts and other goodies.
  • Occasional freebies (in addition to subscription bonuses)
Other pros. You can comment and add to discussions. Qualifying newsletter subscribers can be offered Street Team membership.
Who should subscribe If you want to enhance your reader experience with tech improvements, industry gossip, resources, authors, etc., sign up for the blog. If you want less frequent contact, or only want new release information, subscribe to the newsletter only.
If you want to know everything about me and my books, and ensure you don’t miss out on a single thing, sign up for both!


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