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Ron Collins and his Science Fiction

  I was fortunate to interview Ron Collins recently, as part of the science fiction month here on the blog, to celebrate the launch of New Star Rising (yesterday!). I met Ron and his wife in Oregon last October, although I had been aware of his work before then.  Ron is a well established, award-winning

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It’s Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

I kid you not.  Being grabbed by little green men is of sufficient noteworthiness to have a day in honour of it. [link] It's the day to watch some great alien abduction movies, like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Signs (so freaky!), and for the more serious take on the theme, my favourite:  The Abyss.

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Breaking the Glass Slipper

  I don't listen to podcasts very often, and therefore limit the shows I do listen to, or my podcast player would quickly explode. One of the more recent podcasts I have begun to listen to is Breaking the Glass Slipper.  It's a great subject.  Here's what they say on their About page: This podcast

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Susan Grant’s Jet-Fueled Romances!

I am thrilled to have Susan Grant visit here today, as part of the Science Fiction Romance month, celebrating the launch of Junkyard Heroes, which came out on Thursday. Susan is a New York Times bestselling author, a USA Today bestselling author and a RITA Award winner, too.   She has been published by Dorchester, Berkley,

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SFR Adventure Author Anna Hackett

I am so very pleased to have Anna Hackett visit here today, as part of the Science Fiction Romance month, celebrating the launch of Junkyard Heroes, which is released this week. I feel a kinship with Anna, as she is Australian, and also lives just north of where I grew up in Western Australia. I

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How to Write Reader Reviews

  When I first created my Street Team, I wrote for new members a guide on how to write reader reviews.  Of course, it hadn't occurred to me that many readers love reading but are completely freaked out at the idea of writing, especially their own thoughts and feelings.  That's generally not an issue for

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